Ashampoo HDD Control

Ashampoo HDD Control 3.10.01

Ashampoo HDD Control

The hard drive is one of the main components of your computer, which means you should take proper care of it. View full description


  • Nicely designed interface, easy to use
  • Can monitor your hard drive in real time
  • Extensive configuration menu
  • Includes tools to defrag and clean the hard drive


  • The Guard function slows system down

Very good

The hard drive is one of the main components of your computer, which means you should take proper care of it.

Ashampoo HDD Control is the right application to keep an eye on your hard drive. It features a bunch of tools that let you analyze the status of the hard drive (as long as it has support for the S.M.A.R.T. technology), control its temperature, perform a defragmentation or even do some benchmarking tests to check your drive's performance, and compare it to that of drives from other manufacturers.

Ashampoo HDD Control is very easy to use. It features a tabbed interface with clearly designed buttons that give you access to the program's main features. There is also a comprehensive settings menu to tweak the program's behavior.

Besides checking your hard drive's health, Ashampoo HDD Control can also help you improve it with its built-in cleaning tools, with which you can erase all Internet browsing traces and redundant files. The program includes a special "Guard" component as well that can monitor your hard drive in real time and warn you of any potential problems. This function however may make your system a bit slower.

Ashampoo HDD Control is an easy-to-use yet powerful tool that lets you check your hard drive's health.

Ashampoo HDD Control supports the following formats

Supports most IDE, Serial-ATA, USB, Firewire and RAID hard drives.

Data loss is a nuisance. Total hard disk failure is a catastrophe. Ashampoo HDD Control 3 provides an early warning system against impending failure and gives users time to backup and store important data before the crash. Ashampoo HDD Control 3 comes with a well-structured and clear user interface. All relevant information is bundled on the start screen and provides extensive data on the health status of all available hard disk drives. The new history view helps predict future developments and allows users to take precautionary action. Users can view single parameters such as drive temperature, e.g. to track down heat issues. The program displays on-screen notifications for irregularities and can notify users through email, if desired.

Ashampoo HDD Control


Ashampoo HDD Control 3.10.01

User reviews about Ashampoo HDD Control

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  • andyt58

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    "Free download doesn't work, and they want 3euro to download trial!!!"

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    reviewed on August 12, 2009

  • joculex

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    "Thanks Guys"

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